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Vote Buying and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: An Assessment

Onah Godwin,


Elections are an essential feature of democracy as a form of government. The essence of elections is to afford the people the opportunity to exercise their franchise. In view of its centrality to the democratic process, elections have been fraught with a myriad of challenges, irregularities and malpractices. These essentially revolve around electoral corruption which manifests in various forms like vote buying, thuggery and victimization of the electorate among others. These vices occur as a result of the desperation to emerge victorious during the elections by the electoral contestants. The return of democratic rule in Nigeria in 1999 revealed that money, politics, and vote buying have become a regular phrase before, during and after elections thereby portending a very dangerous trend to Nigeria’s democratization and democratic sustainability. The major objective of the study was essentially to examine the impact of vote buying on the consolidation of democratic governance in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic. The study is founded on information obtained from secondary sources. Information was critically analyzed using the descriptive method of documentary analysis and logical conclusions drawn from the analysis. The study found out among others that the act of giving out money or vote buying when elections are approaching and during election has become alarming in Nigeria and that the persistence of the menace undermines the legitimacy of government and engenders voted apathy. It was recommended among others that these vices need to be properly corrected for the dividend of democracy to be enjoyed by citizens of the country. Key Words: Vote, Vote Buying, Elections, Violence, Democracy, Consolidation.

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