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Page : 204-216

The Tiv/Jukun Conflicts and the Imperative of Strategic Peacebuilding in the Benue Valley.

Dappa Tamuno-Omi Godwin, Nebeife Chigozie Joesph, Onwuanibe Jude Onyekachi,


Globally, peace has been recognized as a pivotal prerequisite for development in every society. In spite of the Nigeria’s democratic experience since 1999, peace has remained undoubtedly elusive between the Jukun and the Tiv who are two prominent neighbours in the Benue Valley. The relations among the two groups tend to have been generally characterized by suspicion and vindictive violence, especially in the border communities. This paper therefore examines the factors responsible for the violent ethnic conflicts between the Jukun and the Tiv and the need for a strategic peacebuilding as a panacea to ending the perennial conflicts. The paper posits that the previousefforts at mitigating the conflicts have failed owing to their poor orientation to strategic peacebuilding. Social conflict theory is adopted as framework for analysis. The study utilized documentary data while relying on textual analytical technique. This study observed that the conflicts have resulted in destructive outcomes that negate human security. The paper therefore recommends amongst other measure the need for strategic peacebuilding in order to tame the tides of the perennial violent conflicts between the two neighbours. Keywords: Armed Banditry, Ethnic Conflict, Human Security, Strategic Peacebuilding.

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