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The Role of the Legislature in Democratic Development in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic

Fabian Benjamin, Ph.D,


Globally, the legislature is seen as an essential institution in any democracy saddled with the twin responsibilities of law making and regulation of the conduct of government through the doctrine of separation of powers. In Nigeria’s fourth republic experience, the Legislature has been playing vital roles to enhance democratic development and guide against abuse of powers and violations of human rights by providing the pedestal upon which government derives its law and powers. Therefore, the focus of this study is to examine the role of the Legislature in Democratic Development in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic. This paper posits that Law making is entirely the responsibility of the legislature and this helps the government to maintain its responsibility of protecting her citizens and providing welfare for the citizens in a democratic dispensation. The paper relies on the General Theory of Political Representation as the theoretical framework while adopting the technique of qualitative analysis in its methodology. Relevant data was sourced from secondary materials including relevant books, journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, and the internet. The study concludes that the Legislature has facilitated democratic development through effective legislation in Nigeria's fourth republic. It also observed that the Legislature in Nigeria is still confronted with Executive arm manipulation and overbearing influence. It is therefore recommended among other things that the legislature should be insulated from the influence of the executive organ of government in Nigeria. Keywords: Constitution, Democracy, Law Making, Legislature, Oversight Functions.

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