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The Nexus of Catholic women in Politics, Leadership and Governance

Opara Eucharia U.,


Jesus Christ did not discriminate against the women in his ministry. Few women like Joana, Susana, Mary and Mary Magdalene were ministering to him and his disciples. They supply food to them as they move about ministering to people. The Catholic women continue to render services to the Catholic Church. More importantly, their services should extend to the public, to tap the sweet virtues of the women services. On this bedrock, this paper would examine the nexus of Catholic women in Polities, leadership and governance. The Catholic women constitutes various groups in the Church who assist to facilitate the smooth running of the church. They are encouraged to join and participate actively in politics, to bring sanity to the society. The methodology is exploratory. The primary and secondary sources of collecting data would be oral interview and related literature. The paper proffers more active participation of women in governmental politics. The Catholic women are to enrich the wider society with abundant virtues imbued in them. They should not shy away in politics rather, they should bring good governance and leadership to the populace. Keywords: Women, Catholic, Church, Politics, Governance, Leadership.

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