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The Implications of Poverty and Drug Trafficking on Nigeria’s Development.

Olojede Ibukunoluwa Bose,


Nigeria has been plagued with an enormous level of poverty and drug trafficking. In the light of this, the paper conceptualized poverty as well as drug trafficking, stating the theories of poverty. In addition to that, the historical background of drug trafficking in Nigeria was analyzed as well as the implications on Nigeria’s global image and overall development. Qualitative technique was adopted and the findings from this paper revealed that distortions in the employment market which introduces all forms of discrimination and rigidities and prevent the advancement of people along the social and economic ladder of progress induced the propensity for Nigerians to venture into drug peddling when other means of escaping the poverty trap fails. In addition to that, it has unfortunately caused Nigerians to be subjected to humiliating and dehumanizing searches at most international airports across the world with the stereotype that every Nigerian is presumed to be a drugpeddler. It therefore recommends and concludes that there is need for the government in collaboration with the mass media, community leaders, religious leaders and, NGOs in creating public enlightenment and sensitization about the dangers of drug trafficking for the individual, community and society at large. Keywords: Drug barons, Drug courier, Drug trafficking, NDLEA, Poverty.

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