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The Implications of Endemic Corruption forNigeria’s Political System

Obi J. Chibuzor, Apura Polycarp,


The height of corruption in Nigeria is alarming that virtually every sector of this country is characterized by one corrupt case or the other. This calls for research to highlight the implications of endemic corruption on the Nigerian political system. The study adopted the exploratory research method with reliance on the secondary sources of data to determine the extent to which corruption has affected the growth and development of the country. The paper revealed that Nigeria is rich with material and non-material resources and that the different administrations in the country have established various agencies and institutions to assist in the fight against corruption.It equally observed that these agencies notwithstanding, Nigeria still ranked high (149/180) in 2020 corruption index by Transparency International. Additionally, it revealed that there is the tendency for the country’s economic situation to remain impoverished if nothing is done to curtail the level of corruption that has bedeviled the country. The study recommends that the government should control political financing, be able to manage conflicts of interest, ensure electoral integrity, and empower the citizens economically through job creation and concludes that corruption must be fought to a logical conclusion if Nigeria must develop and occupy a prime position in the comity of nations. Keywords: Corruption, Political System, Bureaucracy, Nigeria, Institution.

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