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Page : 339-352

The Impact of Government Economic Reforms on the Development of Textile Industry in Kaduna State, 1999-2015.

Arima, Monday, Adadu Yahaya A., Ajeh Philip, Mohammed Bello Babanumma,


The paper seeks to assess the impact of government economic reform policies on the development of textile industry in Kaduna State from the advent of democracy in Nigeria between 1999-2015. The reforms were aimed at revamping the moribund state of Nigerian textile industries. The paper relied on the secondary sources of data and adopted dependency and liberal economic theories as a framework of analysis. The paper identified some of the reforms undertaken by successive administrations in the bid to revamp the textile industry. It further advanced reasons for the failure of such policies to impact positively on the textile industries in Kaduna State while revealing that those industries has the potential to contribute profitably to employment generation, increased revenue and sustained national development. The paper therefore recommends that for the textile industry in Kaduna to bounce back to business, government should provide grants immediately to farmers to start cotton production, power sector should be re-structured to ensure 24 hours supply, re-introduce measures to regulate the importation of foreign textile goods, Nigeria Custom Service should re-double her efforts in curtailing smuggling of textile goods in to the country and lastly, sound industrial policies should be formulated and implemented by government of the day. Keywords: Government, Economic, Reform, Development, Textile, Kaduna..

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