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The Challenges and Prospects of Election Management in Nigeria’s Democracy.

Isa Dantala Samson, Ibe Ezechi Cyriacus, Patrick a Nnadozie Udefun,


Election serve as mechanisms for selection of leaders, change, transfer or retention of power by the government within the ambits of laid down rules and regulations. Election is a vital tool for survival of any democracy whether international, national or local, it must conform to the principle of free and fair election. However, most democracies across the world appear to give little or no attention to the cardinal principles of credible elections. Nigeria is no exception in this perceived fragrant disregard for credible elections. This paper adopted a qualitative methodology with reliance on secondary sources of data and examined essentially the role of electoral management bodies in managing elections in Nigeria and the challenges confronting them. It discovered that these electoral management institutions are confronted with several challenges which undermines the credibility of the elections that they superintend. The paper equally uncovered some of the challenges facing them as the problem of communication and logistics, insecurity, poverty and compromise among Ad-hoc Staff during elections. It recommends long term adequate preparation for elections, need for attitudinal change and behavior among all actors, financial autonomy and independence of the electoral bodies from executive and other external influences and concluded that a judicious implementation of these recommendations will assist the electoral umpires in the conduct of free, fair and credible elections in Nigeria. Keywords: Democracy, Election, Election Management, Prospects..

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