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Post-Conflict Peace Building and Reconstruction in Nigeria’s Northeast: An Appraisal

Rosenje Musharafa Olapeju, Ogundele Sikirulai Olawale,


Peace is no doubt sine-quo-non to peaceful co-existence and development of society while insurgencies and wars are antithetical to development of mankind. This paper attempts an appraisal of post-conflict peace building and reconstruction in Nigeria’s North-east. The paper used descriptive method and secondary sources of data.It observed that Boko Haram insurgence wreaked a lot of havoc on the states of Northeast region ranging from the destruction of property, kidnapping, loss of human lives, desertion of towns and villages, and dislocation of families, which led to the consequent establishment of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps to take care of the survivors.The paperaverred that the initial government response to Boko Haram insurgence was the use of force but when the attacks of the insurgents on the Northeast region became more pronounced and deadly as a result of change in strategies and tactics, with the use of improvised weapons, the government realised that it could not unilaterally deal with the situation without calling for the support of stakeholders, especially the international community with emphasis on western powers and neighbouring countries. With a view to ensuringthe success of post-conflict peace building among the affected people and reconstruction of the shattered environment, the government setup committees and agencies such as National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Presidential Committee on the Northeast Initiative (PCNI), Presidential Initiative on the North-East (PINE), among othersto assist the survivors, especially the most vulnerable - the women and children in the rehabilitation process.The paper concludes that in order to achieve government goals on peace building and reconstruction, there should be effective monitoring of the programmes while the process of implementation should be more open, transparent and accountable. Key words: Nigeria’s North-east, Peace building, Post-conflict peace building, Post- conflict reconstruction.

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