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Jibwis and the Locus of Line Authority in its Tripodal Organizational Structure: An Imperative for Enhancing National Security

Muhammad Sani Yusuf, Auwal Ahmad Isma’il, Auwal Salisu,


The paper intends to bring to the fore the actual place of authority, command and order in the JIBWIS otherwise known as IZALA organizational arrangement of three major structures; the ulama’u council (preachers’ council), the administrative council and the first aid group. The paper traced the source of authority from the line-only beginning of the organization, which was a brainchild of a single individual that started preaching on solo from a historical and operational point of view. Method of data generation was based largely on the secondary source. The conceptual framework used in this work is the line and staff authority/functions in organization, which says that line authority is located in the department that carries out the primary function of the organization while staff function is advisory and auxiliary. The findings of this paper show that the operational principle of IZALA is not in conformity with the line and staff authority/function, and this has been responsible for the leadership tussle that is threatening the survival and unity of the organization. The paper therefore, recommends among others, that for the leadership tussle that is now threatening the unity, understanding and erstwhile rapprochement being celebrated after about 21 years split in the organization; line authority from where command, order, control and real power emanates should be conferred on the ulama’u (preachers’) council which performs the basic and primary function of the organization. Key words: Organizational Structure, Line Authority, Staff Authority, Administrative, Preachers, Executive..

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