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Issues and Perspective on Rural Development

Osawe Anthony Ikhide,


The issues and perspectives in rural development bothers on the provision of basic infrastructures, welfare services, co-operatives with the presence of a facilitator. It is pretty difficult to predict the future and also not convinced of the utility of prognostic which inform much futurology. So, the only meaningful approach to the future is to try to design and to evolve a preferred model for the future and strategies for moving from the expected future if human agencies do not intervene in the historical process to the preferred future if they do- as indeed they should, for the alternative is nothing short of disaster. It is necessary to reconsider the whole model of development that we have adopted which has produced and will continue to produce mass poverty and inequality co-existing with high affluence and waste. Key to moving away from negative to positive scenario are major aspects of development strategy and the optimal interrelationship between them. These include life style, change organization of space, production system and technology. All these will be achieved not only through development that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, but one that will depend largely on developing modes of local governance that are inclusive, accountable, and effective. Key Words: Community Development, Rural Development, Agriculture, Livelihood, Rural Industries and trade..

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