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Impact of Privatization Policy on Economic Growth of Nigeria.

EJEZIE, Fabian Ikechukwu, Dr. AHMED, Abubakar Audi, KAJO, Aondohemba Emmanuel,


This study examined the impact of Privatization Policy on the Economic Growth of Nigeria. This came after the post-military and the post-authoritarian regimes in Nigeria. The privatization decision resulted from demands associated with the international institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as the influence of globalization in general. The study adopted a survey research method with a stratified sampling technique while structured questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection for analysis. It discovered that there is no significant relationship between privatization and economic growth in Nigeria. It equally uncovered that the economic reform that led to privatization in Nigeria was to engender economic development. Giving the above and consequent upon the data generated from the research, the study therefore recommends that in order to realize the aims set out for privatization of government establishments, government should ensure that, only qualified organizations are given the opportunity to acquire enterprises and organizations enlisted for privatization. Also, they should put in place the mechanism for periodic Monitoring and Evaluation both at the state and federal levels to ensure that the privatization exercise is done according to set-goals as this will lead to the needed socio-economic growth and job creation in Nigeria. It concluded that an effective implementation of these recommendations will aid the attainment of the set goals of privatization in the first instance. Keywords: Economic, Growth, Policy, and Privatization..

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