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Human Resource Management and its Implications on Organizational Performance: The Case of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF)

Sarah Pantuvo, Assoc. Prof Ohiani Bello, Dr. Canice E. Erunke,


A review of prior literature presupposes the existence of negative correlation between human resources and organizational performance, even though workplace performance is to a large extent determined by effective management of human resources. Against which the studies interrogate the viability of aforementioned claims, with a view to ascertain the challenges of performance in the workplace particularly as it concerns the internal workings of the Industrial Training Funds (ITF) in Nigeria. Employing the secondary method for data collection and analysis of textual qualitative data, the research adopts ability, mobility and opportunity theory to interrogate the interplay between human resource management and organizational performance in the ITF.The findings from the research revealed that the factors that militate against organizational performance are a product of a faulty system built around human resource management. The study recommends institutional building and manpower development as panacea for organizational performance. Key Words: Human Resource, Human Resource management, Organizational Performance.

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