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Historicizing the Myriad of Traditions on the origin of Igala of Central Nigeria.

Abdullahi Musa Yusufu,


The question of origin has been a reoccurring decimal in history as societies attempt to trace their roots. In Africa, the urge to trace one’s descent is as important as life itself. Various societies in Africa try to trace their origin as a sign of legitimacy towards actualizing their hold on a particular locality and by extension lay claim to anything therein including chieftaincy. The urge to actualize this has led to myriad of traditions which seek to unravel the originality or otherwise of their claim(s) for ownership of land, titles indigenous to them and other benefits accrued to such claim(s). The drive to legitimatize such claim of ownership has led the Igala just like many other indigenous societies in Africa to portray several traditions that seek to legitimatize the ownership of the land and area they found themselves. This paper attempts at historicizing the myriad of traditions that tries to explain the probable origin of Igala of central Nigeria.

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