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Elitist Economy and the Inherited Culture of Class Stratification Amongst African Masses.

Otumala Simon Jonah, PhD., Salahu, Moshood Olayinka, PhD,


This paper examines the nature of inequality amongst the people of Africa which is evident in the economic gap and the disparity that exists between the continent’s largely poor citizens and economic elites who dictates the run of events in the various countries of the continent at the expense of the masses. Data for this paper is drawn from journals, articles and documents to illustrate the degree of inequality between economic advantaged elites and the economic disadvantaged masses. The paper employs the Marxist Class theory to substantiate the obvious problem that has divided the continent of Africa along distant lines of haves and haves-not. It further argues that the colonial policy of inequality which is geared towards capitalist accumulation of wealth bequeathed to the continent of Africa has become a culture meant to perpetuate the elite in power at the expense of the masses whose continuous existence and satisfaction is dependent on the whims and caprices of the elites who controls the machinery of the state for personal benefits. It recommends that to rescue the masses from the grip of the elites there is need for questioning amongst the masses through the employment of mass-power which is inherent in the various prepositions of Pan-Africanism. Keywords: Inequality; Colonial Legacies; Pan-Africanism; Elites; Masses..

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