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Electoral Campaign Expectations and Post-election Behaviour Towards the Government: An Evaluation of Godwin Obaseki’s Second Term in Office

Victor Okunbor, Daniel Ofomegbe, Ekhareafo (Ph.D),


Abstract The study was carried out to determine and evaluate the electoral campaign expectations and post-election behavior towards the government of Godwin Obaseki in his second term in office. The study adopted the survey method and used the questionnaire as instrument to generate data while simple frequency table was used to analyze the data generated. The sample size of the study was 450 and the study was anchored on the Social Exchange Theory. Findings from the study showed that Governor Godwin Obaseki has made good with some of his electoral campaign promises but has failed to meet the residents’ expectations considering his promises of deepening reforms and diversifying the state’s economy to consolidate on the progress recorded in his first term in office; hence, this has led to resentment on the part of some of the residents towards the government. It recommends that elected representatives should always make good their campaign promises to the electorates as this will make them have positive attitude towards government as well as encourage participatory democracy..

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