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Effect of Rural-Urban Migrants’ Remittances on the Socio-Economic Development in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Dr. Odonye Dauda Yusuf, Adokwe Comfort Ayine,


The study examined the effects of rural-urban migrants’ remittances on socioeconomic development in Nasarawa State. The study adopted survey design and analysis of existing data. Questionnaire was used to generate primary data while secondary data were obtained from the work of past researches. Chi-square statistical technique was used to test the hypotheses in other to determine the relationship between rural-urban migrants’ remittances and socioeconomic development of rural communities. The result of the study shows average of amount of remittances usually received from rural-urban migrants range from N10,000 - N50,000 and it has enhanced their socio-economic status. The study also revealed that, rural-urban migrants’ remittances have enhanced socioeconomic development of rural communities through the provision of social amenities like health, roads, water and electricity. It was further revealed that, rural-urban migrants’ remittances were used to support agricultural production such as providing insecticide and seeds for farmers. The study results further confirmed that rural-urban migrants’ remittances were used to empower women and youth such as remitting money home for up keeping, setup of small scale businesses, provision of grinding machines, enrolling youths in skills acquisition etc. The study therefore, recommends that Nasarawa state government should design appropriate policies and programmes that will further support the efforts of rural-urban migrants’ remittances to accelerate socio-economic development and income distribution among the citizens of the State. Keywords: Development, Migrants, Rural-Urban, Remittances, Socioeconomic.

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