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Effect of E-Governance on the Public Health Sector in Nigeria

Tolulope V. Olatunji Tolulope V., Duruji Moses M., Adeyemi Jesutofunmi O., Oni Samuel O.,


The study examined the effect of E-government on public health sector performance in Nigeria. The specific objectives were to investigate the relationship and effect of telehealth, health information system and e-training on public health sector performance. Government owned hospitals in Nigeria were used as the case study. The study administered a well-structured questionnaire to obtain data from health workers in the General Hospital Abeokuta. Only one hundred and five (105) questionnaires were found useful for the study out of one hundred and twenty-five (125) questionnaires that were administered. Both correlation and regression techniques were used in order to test the hypotheses that were raised in the study. The findings revealed that telehealth has a significant impact on public health sector performance (R2=0.620, Adjusted R2= 0.134, P=0.000), it also showed that health information system has a significant effect on public health. (R2=0.084, Adjusted R2= 0.079, P=0.000) and finally revealed a positive relationship between e-training and public health sector (r=0.107; P < 0.05). The study concludes that e-government is a veritable tool that can be used to improve public health sector performance. It was therefore recommended that government should invest in technology in order to improve health sector performance in the country and also both health workers and the general public should be orientated on the need to embrace e-government in the health sector of the country in order to improve their performance. Keywords: Telehealth, ICT, Health, Healthcare, Public, Government.

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