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Democratic Leadership: Antidote to Accountability and Transparency in the Governance Process in Nigeria.

Amos Asongo Jev PhD, Yenda Henry Bobuine PhD, John Moses Maikomo PhD, Mamman Rimamfxen,


This paper examined the concept of democratic leadership, accountability and transparency in the Governance process in Nigeria. The paper relied on the secondary sources of data to generate information on the subject matter under investigation. The theoretical perspective is based on the democratic leadership which assumes that democracy provides opportunity for the people to elect leaders that will provide good governance, peace, security and national development. The arguments canvassed by scholars and the conclusion and findings thereof, indicates that democratic leadership in Nigeria has not been able to meet up with the challenges of socio-economic and political development of Nigeria. That unethical behaviors, lack of transparency and accountability are most prevalence under the democratic governance process and that poverty, mutual suspicions, insecurity and corruption are the major draw backs under the democratic leadership in Nigeria. The paper therefore, recommend that a transparent and accountable leadership capable of assuaging the fears of Nigerians of exclusion, domination and corruption is what is needed to enhance good governance, peaceful coexistence, national security and development. Keywords: Democratic Leadership, Good Governance, National Security, Development, Accountability and Transparency..

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