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Crop Farmers and Herders Conflict in Nasarawa State: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Yunana, Yakubu Aku, Prof. Aliegba Eugene T., Dr. Canice E. Erunke, Dr. Jacho David Sunday,


This study analysed the nature of farmers and herdsmen conflict in Nasarawa State by investigating the causes, effects and its solutions. Conflict Resolution theory was adopted because of its relevance which help us to understand the issues in focus. Secondary sources of data were adopted. Content analysis was used in evaluating the data and information gathered. The study reveals that, the major causes of the farmers-herdsmen conflict are; the climatic change, environmental factors, inadequacy of grazing resources and poor management of the existing grazing reserves. It also reveals that displacement of farmers, reduction in agricultural production, low income of farmers/nomads and killings of both farmers and herders are the major effects of the conflict in the state. On this basis, the study recommends the establishment of ranches in the state to stop the massive movement of the cows, and reduce clashes. Keywords: Causes, Conflict, Effects, Farmer, Herdsmen, Management.

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