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Corporate Governance and Organizational Efficiency in the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)

Suleiman Sallau Amin, Prof. Eugene T. Aliegba,, Muhammad Bello Baban’ Umma (PhD), Prof. Jideofor Adibe,


This study investigates corporate governance and organizational efficiency in the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). The objective eof the research is to examine the extent to which corporate governance affects organizational efficiency by evaluating the corporate strategic plans ,reviewing the role corporate governance has played in building sound character policy amongst board members, executive and staff, and how that affected productivity, transparency, accountability, and stakeholders’ relation in the NDIC. Survey design was used for collecting data from the study population on the subject matter. The population of the study comprised1,644 with a sample size of 400 respondents determined and selected using Taro Yamane (1967) formula from the relevant people, directorates, departments, and units handling Corporate Governance in the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), other regulatory bodies and some staff of selected Insured financial institutions and victims of failed financial institutions. Data were analysed using content analysis and findings from the study revealed that corporate governance in the NDIC is a framework for achieving corporate efficiency which is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders including it regulators and that corporate governance practice in the NDIC has significantly guaranteed depositors’ funds, improved their recovery process and public awareness leading to percentage increase in number of complaints received from customers/victims of failed Money Deposit Institutions between 2011and 2018. The recommendation therein is that there should be framework for continuous health check on the NDIC’s corporate governance policy framework through a systematic review within a given period to ensure they are effective and to ascertaining their strength and weaknesses. Key Words: Governance, Corporate Governance, Organization, Organizational Efficiency..

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