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Conflicts and Internal Displacement in Nigeria

Goodnews OSAH, OGU Michael Ihuoma,


Conflicts have become a major motivation for forced migration and displacement in Africa generally and Nigeria in particular. How do conflicts complicate internal displacement in Nigeria? What is the nature of internal displacement in Nigeria, following the endemic conflict nature of the state? These are the important research questions in this study. The study adopted the qualitative method, gathering relevant data from secondary sources as journals and other relevant online materials. The study found that internal displacement in Nigeria has been on the increase for the last decade even though the margin may not be very significant. It was also discovered that the condition of the Internally Displaced Persons camps as well as those of displaced persons have not been very adequate, despite government and organizational intervention. The study concluded that proper conflict management would reduce the spite of internal displacement and encourage development. It was recommended that the Nigerian governments must commit to efficient management of the endemic conflicts in the state that result in growing cases of IDPs. Also, the government and other relevant organizations, especially nongovernmental organizations should increase their commitment and resolve to improve the condition of the IDP camps and displaced persons. Key words: Conflict, Refugee, Internal displacement, Poverty.

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