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Conflict Resolution and Management as a Veritable Tool for Promoting Sustainable Development in Africa

OLATUNJI Moshood Abiodun,


This paper takes a cursory look at the prevalent political and religious conflict in Africa, which more often than not mar Africa’s resolution to achieve political, economic, social, and technological emancipation as well as sustainable development. It attempts a survey of the nature, causes, effects as well as a holistic management of the hydra-headed conflicts in Africa. The study adopted conflict theory as a theoretical framework and relied on documentary method for its analysis and discovered that conflict resolution, management and development are seemingly inseparable because it is a potent factor for peace and it should be practiced to overcome differences that will lead to sustainable development. The submission of this paper is that conflict resolution and management can help promote sustainable development if political, social, economic and religious conflicts is quickly nipped in the bud by all and sundry so as to promote not only national integration but also position Africa among the advanced countries of the world in terms of achievable developments so that funds meant for development purposes will not be drained in prosecuting war and post-war reconstructions. Keywords: Conflicts, Conflicts resolution, Conflicts management, Sustainability, Sustainable development..

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