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Community Development in Nigeria: An Empirical Study

Odonye, Dauda Yusuf, Ph.D.,


This paper examines the Nigerian perspective of community development between 2010 and 2020. Specifically, it looks at the importance of community development in Nigeria and adopts an analytical and qualitative research method, relying upon secondary sources of information including researches, textbooks, journals and bulletins which provides essential frameworks within which better practice of community development can be evolved for appreciable corporate results in the Nigerian national development environment. The paper discovers that the extent of community development programmes in Nigerian society is positively correlated with the overall national development because most of the community development projects executed have contributed significantly to human and social capital development in Nigeria. It further observed that community development projects executed have impacted positively on the living condition of the people through the generation of employment opportunities and infrastructural provision. The study therefore recommended that there should be grant – in – aid schemes to rural communities by government as this will ensure a speedy initiation, implementation and funding of community development projects. The Nigeria governments should provide training on maintenance culture to all communities as a way of ensuring that the community projects executed are well maintained to last for a long time. The paper concludes that it will be a great wastage of human resources if the rural population are not given an opportunity to participate actively in the national development process for effective rural and community development. Keywords: Community, Development, Impact, Rural, Self-Help.

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