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Chinese Racism against Africans in the Coronavirus Era: A Multiple Historical Paradigm

Banwo Adetoro Olaniyi,


Abstract Racism is a societal threat which has shaken the core of social relations in many societies all over the world. Over the years, it has been perceived as the notion in which races are avertedly ranked higher or termed superior over races based on the differences in their abilities, traits and shared values. This research work aims to study the discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, xenophobia and chauvinist attitudes that Africans encountered in China during the coronavirus pandemic period. Data obtained through typical case sampling and content analysis was used for this study. Certain factors such as cultural racism, institutional racism, biases, prejudice and xenophobia were selected for this study. It adopts the psychological theories of prejudice and discrimination as a framework of analysis. The study ascertains that Chinese racism against Africans spilled out due to the social perceptions, practices and inherent traits of Africans in China. It discovered that Chinese racism is well embedded in the cultural superiority of China over Africans and observed that Chinese racism against Africans could have negative implications on Sino-African relations and engagements. This work concludes that Chinese racism is hinged on its societal beliefs, customs, assumptions and traditions which transmits a great deal of xenophobia and stereotypes. Keywords: Cultural racism, Institutional racism, Biases, Prejudice and Xenophobia..

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