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Challenges of Card Reader on the Conduct of the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria

Nwachukwu Sunny Nnabuihe, Aghemelo Austin, Muraina Kehinde,


The use of card reader during 2015 general election in Nigeria is a new trend and innovations in electioneering. This is geared towards ensuring credibility, and to stop all manners of falsification, rigging and other related vices associated with elections in Nigeria. However, there are recorded and observed shortcomings in this practice, this include malfunctioning of Biometric machines, non-activation of the subscriber identification card, low battery incidences etc. Having identified these shortcomings, the researcher’s intent is to reexamine the challenges, impact and technical hitches that frustrated the application of card readers during 2015 general election and recommend necessary innovations on the areas of weaknesses to ensure credibility in the subsequent elections in Nigeria. Key words: Card Readers, Elections, Credibility, Democracy..

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