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Bureaucracy, Manpower Training and National Development in Nigeria: A Critical Analysis

Edino, Ojonimi Ferdinand, Ph.D, Eja, Terrence Richard, Emmanuel Awubi,


This study examines the role of government in manpower development and utilization in Nigeria and argues that national development is largely dependent on the extent of manpower development and utilization. It further advocates for manpower training and development for self-reliance, so as to reduce the level of unemployment in Nigeria, thereby contributing to national development. To achieve its objective, the study relies on secondary data and hence, documentary analysis was used as method of analysis. The analysis reveals that there is a significant relationship between manpower training, utilization and national development. In the light of this, the study recommends that for the nation to develop up to expectation, the government should intensify its efforts towards manpower training and utilization in Nigeria; by channeling resources to the educational sector as well as the vocational institutions in Nigeria, and more importantly, by creating job opportunities as well as the basic infrastructures for the economy to thrive. Keywords: Bureaucracy, Manpower training, Utilization, National development.

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