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Assessing the Impacts of Procurement Crossroads on the Economic Development of Nigeria

Dr. Bulus Daniel Maiyaki,


Abstract For many decades in Nigeria, procurement has not been properly and professionally organized in a way that allows for the inculcation of some ethical practices in the process. This has posed several problems and challenges for procurement practitioners and even the government. This study assesses the state of procurement in Nigeria and as well discusses the challenges plaguing the process of both public and private procurement. It adopts a qualitative method with reliance on the secondary sources of data. It discovered that attempts to reform the public procurement process is always constrained by political interference a development which makes the entire process of public procurement very slow. It further uncovered the fact that the public procurement process is dominated by non-professionals who do not possess the requisite knowledge for sound procurement practice. The study recommends the need to avoid the politicization of the public procurement process if it must serve as a panacea to the dwindling Nigeria economy. Key words: Procurements, Crossroads, Development, Nigerian economy, Ethical, Political.

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