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An Examination of the Early Arab-Israeli Wars: Lessons in Tactics and Strategies

Tunde Agara,


The conflict and wars between Israel and her neighbours; the Arabs, can be traced back to the time of Abraham. According to Biblical tradition, Abraham was the father of both Ishmael and Isaac. In this regard, both the Jewish and Arab traditions are agreed that the Jews descended from Isaac while the Arabs descended from Ishmael. Basically, because the Biblical account focused more on the Israelis, there was no sufficient account of Ishmael and his offspring in the Bible. However, the Biblical account of the children of Isaac has been documented and archaeological findings have confirmed the movement of the Hebrews led by Moses from Egypt through Sinai into Jordan. Putting aside the religious intonation of the migration of the Hebrews from Egypt, what is very clear is that the migration was reminiscent of other peoples who had fled from persecution or who were in search of suitable places to dwell. The motif of this paper is, on one hand, to be able to explain how the struggle had escalated from sporadic guerrillas sabotage and disruptions into more conventional wars, and on the other hand, to be able to account for the various diplomatic manoeuvrings by the great powers and how the Israeli-Arab wars became a proxy for the Cold War between the East and the West..

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