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America’s Pragmatic Orientation in Foreign Policy and Some Models of International Relations

Ehimiyen Prince Harrison,


This work examines the problem of the international consequences of the pragmatic model of American foreign relations currently in application world-wide. As a guiding principle the pragmatically inclined US foreign policy suggests the belief in rule of the strong and might is right as determinants of US relations in the world order. We find that this situation triggers a crisis of turbulent and disruptive global relations between North and South, East and West, that has brought the problem of world peace to the front burner. Wars, conflicts and uprisings in different regions specifically the Middle East, Asia and Africa arouse reflections on our international relations models. Hence the quest for peace understood as creating enduring atmosphere of social justice, negotiation for all in the world. We recommend a more ethical or moral foundations of the present and future role of America as a global player in the search for peace. As such we are concerned with the international aspects especially the ethical dimensions of US leadership features that could enhance world peace. Keywords: America, Peace, International Relations Leadership, Foreign Policy.

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