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A Decade After the Arab Spring: The Journey So Far

John Danfulani, PhD., Ajime Comfort Msurshima,


In 2011 a fisticuff between the police and a street hawker in Tunisia sparked a political revolution called Arab Spring in North Africa and the Middle East. The revolutions succeeded in ousting some autocratic rulers and failed to sack others. Economic hardship, autocratic style of leadership, thirst for democracy and corruption triggered the uprisings. Arab Spring annihilated over one million people and displaced over ten million others. Proceeding events in immediate and later years of the revolution showed that; the dream of democracy, economic liberation, and freedom that gingered that revolution has not been achieved. The region is worse-off today, and foreign partners that supported the revolution had long ago coiled back to their cocoons and left them in the eye of the storm. The only positive angle to Arab Spring is injection of the spirit of defiance against their autocratic theocracies and military junta..

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