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Vol: 5 No: Vol: 2

Published: 2021-12-24
November, 2021


Elite Class, Corruption and Development in Nigeria: An Assessment of the Fourth Republic (1999-2021)  |1-18
Eghweree, Ogheneruonah Charles, PhD,, Emeyese, Akpodiogaga Sunday,
Elitist Economy and the Inherited Culture of Class Stratification Amongst African Masses.  |19-29
Otumala Simon Jonah, PhD., Salahu, Moshood Olayinka, PhD,
Community Development in Nigeria: An Empirical Study  |30-53
Odonye, Dauda Yusuf, Ph.D.,
Electricity Distribution in Nigeria: Problems and Solutions  |54-67
Kasim Umar, Akor David Joseph,
Amnesty for Boko Haram Jihadist in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects.  |68-80
Yavala Charity,
The Challenges of Development Plans in Nigeria’s Civilian to Civilian Transition: Nigeria, Defying all Development Theories.  |81-94
Orunyomi Orungbami, PhD, Shakira Hannah Osasuna,
International Economic and Financial Institutions: An Instrument for Third World Dependency  |95-105
Abdullahi, D. Jibrin (PhD), Nnaji Emmanuel Onyemaechi., Kefas Iramae Nathaniel,
Privatization Programme in Nigeria: Challenges and the Way Forward  |106-125
Adagba, Onah Sunday PhD, Umar, Dauda Usman,
A Historical and Analitique Discourse of Issues in Nigeria’s Economic Development  |126-142
Yaweh Filibus, Cecelia Geoffrey, Francis John Tenong,
Crop Farmers and Herders Conflict in Nasarawa State: Causes, Effects and Solutions  |166-174
Yunana, Yakubu Aku, Prof. Aliegba Eugene T., Dr. Canice E. Erunke, Dr. Jacho David Sunday,
Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) and the Management of Water and Sanitation in Benue State 2016-2020  |143-155
Zendesha, Mtswen Augustine, Prof. Yahaya A. Adadu, Prof.Abdullahi M. Yamma, Dr. Mohammed Bello Baba’ umma,
Human Resource Management and its Implications on Organizational Performance: The Case of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF)  |175-185
Sarah Pantuvo, Assoc. Prof Ohiani Bello, Dr. Canice E. Erunke,
Potato Value Chain Programme and Economic Development in Plateau State.  |186-200
Dakusuk, Markus Jimwan, Dr. Canice Erunke,
The Nexus of Catholic women in Politics, Leadership and Governance  |201-213
Opara Eucharia U.,
The role of Treasury Single Account (TSA) in Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Governance in Nigeria (2015-2021)  |214-232
Ogunfadebo, Olaniyi Olufemi, Abiodun, Temitope Emmanuel, Abiodun, Temitope Emmanuel,
The Role of Geography and Demography in Africa’s Development: An Assessment.  |233-247
Anthony Ikhide Osawe,
Financial Implications and Impact of Mass Housing on Nigeria’s National Development: An Explanatory Study  |248-260
Umar Halilu Kobo, Dr. Ejike Sunday Okoroigwe, Shuaibu Shittu Isyaku, Ibrahim Yabagi Salisu, Mr. Jibril Hamza,
The Impact of Public-Private Partnership Policy on Rural Development in Niger State  |261-274
Abdullahi Mohammed Yamma (PhD),, Yahaya Abdullahi Adadu (PhD),, Godiya Atsiya Pius (PhD),, Sulaiman Saudia Elsauud,
The Influence of Neoclassical Economic Theory on Modern Accounting in a Technology Dependent Business World: A Theory Based Perspective  |275-284
Ejike Sunday Okoroigwe, PhD, Habiba Mohammed-Bello Umar, Abdullahi Ndagi, Fatima Zahra Uthman, Shu’aibu Adamu Bawa,
Challenges of Access to Affordable and Qualitative Healthcare Services Among Federal Government Workers in Kano State  |285-294
Mohammed Idris Alhaji, Mohammed Bello Baban’Umma,, Jahco Sunday David,
Corporate Governance and Organizational Efficiency in the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)  |295-309
Suleiman Sallau Amin, Prof. Eugene T. Aliegba,, Muhammad Bello Baban’ Umma (PhD), Prof. Jideofor Adibe,
An Analysis of the Causes and Dynamics of African Conflicts  |156-165
Isa Mohammed, Samuel Salifu Edache, Martin, Anointing,
The Implications of Endemic Corruption forNigeria’s Political System  |310-319
Obi J. Chibuzor, Apura Polycarp,
Foreign Policy and Nigeria’s Domestic Environment: An Assessment  |320-329
Gideon Yakubu,
Out of Pocket (OOP) Expenses for Enrolees of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and its Implications on Consumer Satisfaction with Health Services in Bauchi State  |330-338
Inuwa Abdu Ibrahim, Bello Ohiani, Canice Erunke, Abdullahi, M. Yamma,
The Impact of Government Economic Reforms on the Development of Textile Industry in Kaduna State, 1999-2015.  |339-352
Arima, Monday, Adadu Yahaya A., Ajeh Philip, Mohammed Bello Babanumma,
The Political Economy of Federalism in Nigeria  |353-364
Attah Pine, Danjuma Yusuf,
Political parties and the Practice of Internal Democracy in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic  |365-383
Amos Asongo Jev PhD, Dabale Jessey Dearsley,
Nigeria’s Foreign Policy and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Perspective  |384-393
Ugwuegbulam Uloma Amaka, Eugene T. Aliegba, Mohammed Bello Baban’umma,
Chinese Racism against Africans in the Coronavirus Era: A Multiple Historical Paradigm  |394-407
Banwo Adetoro Olaniyi,
From ENDSARS to Unknown Gunmen: An Analysis of the Implications of Attacks on Security Institutions for the Socio-Economic Development of Southeastern Nigeria  |408-425
Agbo Daniel Ogba,
Electoral Campaign Expectations and Post-election Behaviour Towards the Government: An Evaluation of Godwin Obaseki’s Second Term in Office  |426-437
Victor Okunbor, Daniel Ofomegbe, Ekhareafo (Ph.D),
BALOGUN, Osebi Sophia,