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Vol: 4 No: Vol: 2

Published: 2020-11-14
November, 2020


An Appraisal of the Legality of Caretaker Committee at the Local Government Level in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic  |131-139
Adekeye Adeshola Joseph, Hussaini Danladi,
Challenges of Card Reader on the Conduct of the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria  |16-22
Nwachukwu Sunny Nnabuihe, Aghemelo Austin, Muraina Kehinde,
Conflict Resolution and Management as a Veritable Tool for Promoting Sustainable Development in Africa  |
OLATUNJI Moshood Abiodun,
Conflicts and Internal Displacement in Nigeria  |37-51
Goodnews OSAH, OGU Michael Ihuoma,
Cost of Governance and Infrastructural Development in Nigeria  |140-155
Benjamin Shaibume, Igiekhume Mohammed Nurudeen,
Disarmament, Demobilization and Re-Integration (DDR) in Burundi: Lessons for Nigeria  |52-63
Wununyatu Daniel, Paul Solomon,
Environmental Security and Infrastructural Development in Nigeria  |64-75
OGU Michael Ihuoma, ETI Chinedu, OLUKOYA Olufolake Peace,
Examining the Repeal and Enact Bill of Nigerian Railway Corporation Act CAP N129 LFN 2004, 2015 (SB 001): Issues and Policy Options  |76-86
Umar Aminu,
Historicizing the Myriad of Traditions on the origin of Igala of Central Nigeria.  |
Abdullahi Musa Yusufu,
Income Distribution Inequality and the Challenges of Wage Administration in Nigeria  |246-258
Ugiagbe Ijeoma,
Is Demographic Characteristics an Important Factor in Microfinance Operations?  |
Osawe Anthony Ikhide, Ekhorutomwen Abel Asemota,
Issues and Perspective on Rural Development  |156-170
Osawe Anthony Ikhide,
Oil Globalization in the Niger-Delta, Rural Historic Environments, and Mortgaged Future: What do we tell the Next Generation?  |1-15
Ukaogo Victor,
Oil Production and the Socio-Economic Development of the Niger Delta Region,1999 -2017  |171-181
Peterside Zainab Brown,
Post-Conflict Peace Building and Reconstruction in Nigeria’s Northeast: An Appraisal  |
Rosenje Musharafa Olapeju, Ogundele Sikirulai Olawale,
Rethinking ‘NEEDS’ and ‘MDGs’ as Panacea for the SDGs: Issues and Options  |182-191
Umar Aminu,
The Implications of Party Merger and Lack of Internal Democracy in the Ruling APC for Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria  |192-203
Tukura Nashuka Tino, Tukura Daudu Fwaje, Ibrahim Nuaimu Danbala,
The Tiv/Jukun Conflicts and the Imperative of Strategic Peacebuilding in the Benue Valley.  |204-216
Dappa Tamuno-Omi Godwin, Nebeife Chigozie Joesph, Onwuanibe Jude Onyekachi,
Why Respect International Humanitarian Law? Between Legality and Morality  |217-227
Zhema Shishi, Ochoga Edwin Ochoga,
Implications of Child Trafficking for Sustainable Development in Nigeria  |100-112
Olojede Ibukunoluwa Bose,